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It is recommended that you view all of the items in this section to get the full flavor of the benefits of a massage wellness program at your company.

What will this Program do for your Business?
Sometimes good news travels fast. In the realm of American business, word is spreading, and the word is massage - particularly massage in a specially designed chair, dubbed "minimassage" by Time Magazine. Workers are finding the minimassage better for relief of stress and fatigue than coffee breaks or martini lunches.

In the typical on-site massage, which takes about 20 minutes and costs much less than a full body treatment, the client remains fully clothed, sitting on a specially designed massage chair.

More and more companies are putting their money... click here for more

Use massage as a Perk to Attract Highly Qualified Employees.
In today's competitive Marketplace, High Tech companies are finding that Massage makes an excellent Perk to attract qualified candidates for employment, and it serves as a valuable component in Stress Management.

Gift Certificates are great to Reward and show Appreciation of Employees.
On-site massage Gift Certificates are available to recognize Employee Achievements, Birthdays, or as a Raffle or Drawing to create some fun in the workplace. Individual departments have been known to sponsor one or two time slots each visit as achievement rewards.

Makes Your Employees Feel Important.
Include On-Site Massage in your employees benefits package. Show people that your company strongly believes in the health maintenance of it's employees. A chair massage program shows you value your employees, and are interested in health management techniques available in the workplace.

Employees will respond with increased respect, trust, improved interpersonal office and customer relations, which will lead to increased productivity and sales.

Demonstrate your commitment to the health and well-being of your employees!

Massage is Very Cost Effective!
Seated massage is Very Cost Effective. Compared with the standard, Therapeutic massage of one hour, the time is considerably less (typically 15 minutes), and therefore also costs proportionately less.

Existing facilities can be used, and each Massage Practitioner will bring their own equipment and supplies.

Options are available for either Corporate paid, employee paid, or partial employee/employer paid. Compare the cost of providing On-site massage at your event, versus a latte' stand, catering or other ammenities, and you will be pleasantly surprised with how much can be saved with Massage.

An owner of several New York City businesses says, "For me, massage is a necessity. I tended to overreact to situations. Now decisions come more quickly and naturally. We all derive satisfaction from human contact. The more of it I get, the stronger I feel, and consequently I can provide strength and leadership to others."

In an overloaded, stressed society, in need of contact, strength and leadership, the healthy relief of a non invasive massage "treatment" with no unhealthy side effects could be a literal lifesaver and a stroke of sanity.

Massage Therapy ranks third among the most frequently used form of alternative health care. (The New England Journal of Medicine Jan. 28, 1993)
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