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client testimonials

1). “Since visiting Larry I have seen a dramatic improvement in my back. In addition to being very relaxing, his massages have alleviated a back condition which previously had bothered me for years. I highly recommend Larry Karr.”
Steve P., Attorney At Law, Seattle, WA

2). “I hope that you have the opportunity to help more people like you helped me after my auto accident. I was very impressed by the way you checked my posture before and after every massage session. This alone, showed that you were after more than just the momentary discomfort that I was experiencing. You were after long term and lasting results, which I appreciate very much.

The work that we did together on my body to release the stored cellular memory from the accident was some of the most powerful I had ever experienced. It went past those cellular memories of the trauma from the accident to stored emotional memories that had been triggered by the accident and released those as well. Altogether, the results have been that my posture has straightened significantly, with my shoulders, hips, knees and ankles now being even, rather than in the contorted torque that had developed. This has given me a much improved quality of life, for which I thank you with all my heart.”
Marian C., Temp Services, Seattle, WA

3). “I have received four one-hour sessions of massage therapy from Larry Karr. I was referred by a physical therapist for shoulder and lower back pain. Mr. Karr has focused on my upper and lower back areas, as well as my hips, shoulders and neck. Since starting massage therapy, I have experienced much greater relaxation and flexibility in my lower back and hip area. I have also experienced much less pain in my shoulder and neck area. I have been very happy with Mr. Karr’s services and plan to continue my massage sessions as long as needed.”
Philip K., Teacher, Seattle, WA

4). “I have been in the health care business as a broker for over 20 years. I have seen many changes in the delivery of health care over the years and I must admit I was skeptical of Alternative care. I recently met Larry for professional services. I had a very sour knot in my upper back and neck. I am not totally sure what the cause was, maybe due to stress or how I hold the phone. Whatever the reason, I was advised to have a deep tissue massage therapist work on me. Larry worked on my neck and back and I can say “I am a believer”. Larry has worked wonders. I am now in a maintenance program and just don’t want him to stop, it makes me feel too good.”
Jim R., JLR & Associates, Sammamish, WA

5). In addition to watching Larry John share his positive outlook and compassionate presence with Hospice patients, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Larry John’s massage skills when he came to a staff retreat. As someone who’s had massages from a variety of individuals, I can personally attest to his superb skills in this area.
Becky T., Coordinator, Volunteer Programs, Group Health, WA

6). “I feel much better after your massage. I have only light tweaks when I was having agonizing stabs. My mobility continues unobstructed today. Thank you very, very much.”
Carol C., Accountant, Redmond, WA

7). “I feel safe and supported with Larry. His skills have helped me learn to relax quickly and easily, leaving the stress of the outer world behind.”
John C., Musician, Instructor, Counselor, Seattle WA

8). “With my speaking engagements and busy schedule, massage has always been a great source of healing and nurturing. Larry's unique combination of massage techniques is especially effective and refreshing - like a mini vacation! It is my pleasure to recommend you to my friends and associates.”
Marian Y., Professional Speaker, Author, Seattle, WA

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